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MWT goes to carnival

MWT enthusiastically lent its support to the annual Liphook Carnival, a cherished community event held on Saturday, October 28th. By supplying the organisers with three trailers, we played a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth logistics of an event that draws in over 5,000 visitors annually. Our contribution not only facilitated the operational aspects but also contributed to the overall success of the carnival.

In addition to providing logistical support, MWT actively participated in the vibrant festivities. Two of our trucks joined the colorful procession, adding to the spectacle and excitement of the event. Furthermore, one of our trucks took center stage at the village square, becoming part of the entertainment lineup. Our involvement showcased our commitment to being an integral part of the community and embracing local traditions.

At MWT, our dedication to supporting local communities runs deep. Events like the Liphook Carnival, which has been a cherished tradition since 1902, are fundamental to the fabric of our society. By actively participating and contributing to such events, we not only demonstrate our commitment to fostering strong relationships but also reaffirm our commitment to giving back to the areas we serve.


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