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Day in the life of a pallet

There are several stops on your pallet's journey from collection to delivery and each one provides a trackable touchpoint to give you full visibility of you goods as they are handled by our team of experts. 

Firstly, Mike Watson Transport collects your pallet from your site and transports it to our depot in Pershore, North London.

From here it is consolidated with other freight and loaded onto larger 'trunking' vehicles which are driven to one of Palletline's six hubs to be sorted into destination bays.

A team of forklift drivers work through the night to sort and load more than 20,000 pallets onto outbound vehicles, which then depart from the hubs in the early hours of the morning.

Once these vehicles have arrived back at their local delivery depots the freight is unloaded onto smaller delivery vehicles and despatched for the day to deliver to the end customer. 


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